Broadbent Vinho Verde

Broadbent Vinho Verde (Vinho Verde, Portugal)

Vinho Verde literally means "green wine"—but the green here refers to the freshness rather than the color of the wine, which can actually be white, rosé or even red. Vinho Verde is made from local grapes that grow within reach of the salty, cool Atlantic ocean. And there's a tiny spritz of bubbles! Lots of Vinho Verde is bottled with just a dash of carbonation, so it's like a party in your mouth. Broadbent is named for Bartholomew Broadbent, one of the nicest and funniest guys you'll meet in the wine industry. He loved drinking these fun, delicious wines in Portugal, and he figured he'd bring a killer version our way. Say it with us, "Thank you, Bartholomew!"

Drink with friends and: crudité or cheesy poofs

Average retail price: $8

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