2009 Robert Sinskey Pinot Noir

2009 Robert Sinskey Pinot Noir (Carneros, California)

Robert Sinskey is one of the leading biodynamic winemakers in California... which means all sorts of exciting things: They take into consideration the lunar calendar when they're planting/picking/pruning/bottling, etc. (Think about how dramatically the moon influences the ocean tides, which are obviously made of water... then think about how grapes and wine are also made of mostly water...) They also treat their vineyards without any chemicals, instead applying natural, balancing elements like chamomile tea. And they create special, strategically placed vineyard "preparations" of things like manure buried in cow horns. Does it really work?? Hey, you can taste the wine and be the judge, but our own feeling is that this kind of intense attention and care in the vineyard can't help but translate to better, more delicious wines. This Pinot Noir is juicy, plush, seductively spicy... and damn if we wouldn't be thrilled to see this show up at our party. 

Drink with friends and: sweet-tangy-spicy barbecued chicken

Average retail price: $33

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