2012 Matthiasson Rosé

2012 Matthiasson Rosé (Napa, California)

Would you like to experience the best rosé we here at A Drink with Friends have ever tasted? (Ever??!) Go hunt down this wine. Steve Matthiasson is a viticultural whiz kid and a cultural icon representing the new wave of California wine. He is wicked-smart, soulful, sensitive and really damn hardworking. His mantra is "Do No Harm," which means that his bottom-line focus is on sustainably farming his vineyards to make quality wine that you can feel good about and that future generations will be able to enjoy from those very same vineyards. What you won't see is a USDA-approved stamp of organic approval on the label (that kind of thing is expensive, and Steve isn't the dogmatic type). What you will see is Steve, his wife Jill, and their two sons and pup out in the vineyards day in and day out, tending everything by hand before sitting down to a fabulous family dinner that will very likely be graced by the literal fruits of their labor. This rosé is vivacious and graceful, salty and ripe, impassioned and understated all at once. 

Drink with friends and: a picnic blanket

Average retail price: $22

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