2011 Domaine des Escaravailles Côtes du Rhône Les Sablières

2011 Domaine des Escaravailles Côtes du Rhône Les Sablières (Côtes du Rhône, France)

Word on the southern Rhône street is that Escaravailles is the local dialect for beetles... hence the beautiful black beetle label. But the vineyard isn't overrun with these critters—instead, the black-cape-wearing monks that used to work these vineyards looked like escaravailles, all hunched over the vines. We can guarantee no beetles (or monks) were harmed in the making of this wine. It's a spot-on example from a top-notch producer of the type of red wine a French bocce baller would want to drink with a slight chill on a warm afternoon by the court: full of juicy, ripe strawberry, raspberry and lavender notes... and a winning streak. 

Drink with friends and: chicken tikka masala

Average retail price: $14

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